I need this for my classroom noise-o-meter-from-Gretchen

CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT~ Great way to help explain noise level expectations!


great idea!

Responsive Classroom Activities

NOISE system to control noise levels in your classroom - maybe change mine to take time off recess instead of staying after school

Stop what you’re doing. Walk over and hand this to a child instead of yelling across the classroom.

Great attention-grabber to bring them back!!

Classroom Management

A great classroom management tool.

Great idea for making Classroom management posters using acrostics

A Line Up Song freebie and classroom management ideas. Kindergarten Faith

This is the best idea ever!! The Great Pencil Challenge (managing pencils!)

Classroom decor

Classroom rules

Ladybug's Teacher Files: The Great Pencil Challenge (managing pencils!) LOVE this idea!


Classroom management

This list of attention grabbers will be extremely useful for managing my classroom. The songs will grab the students attention and help them to become aware that I need to tell them something. It can also be used for switching when working at stations.

Cute idea!