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The Organic Farm Revolution - Supporting Local Farmers - Food Inc.

When living in Chicago, Illinois (my home town), I looked forward to my weekly vegetable shares from my favorite local farmer "Angelic Organics Farm". Living in the city with a hectic busy lifestyl...
  • Becki Henderson

    Growing food revolution

  • Abby Deville

    Growing Food as an act of Protest quote from Jules Dervaes

  • S GoldMoon

    I am an organic backyard gardener who expands my garden a bit every year. Someday I hope to have it big enough that I can grow and can/freeze all of my own veggies and herbs.

  • Una Kwapniewski

    Right now my buckets are as good as it gets but its that much less that I have to buy at the supermarket. One day I hope to do it on a grander scale and maybe even have my own chickens if I can convince my husband : ). 2012-bucket-garden

  • Nicole Scharpie

    MARCH AGAINST MONSANTO - Growing Food Protest by Jules Dervaes | Little Homestead in the City - the Urban Homestead Journal. If only I had inherited my mother's green thumb. Oh well, I try. :-)

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Supporting local farmers... & of course the continuation of their quality cared for & tasting products:)

Without bees what will your garden grow? Every year we get more and more people complaining because they are out in the garden with paint brushes pollinating there cucumbers. Stop using pesticides and let the bees do what they do best. Farmer John

Daddykirbs Farm: How To Save, Store & Use Egg Shells in the Garden (wonder how this affects egg allergy if someone else did this for my plants...)

Find local farms and farmers markets at ~~ Download "Buycott" on your smartphone and it will tell you which products are GMO~~

Do you trust Monsanto with your food? Buy local! Support small farms and you community!

Save some money by saving your own seeds from flowers and plants in your garden. Just have to remember where I saved them.

And it takes a number of years of Organically farming the land, and soil testing samples before their products can be certified Organic. But Monsanto can poison us without our knowledge. Brilliant!

To preserve the planet we need to save energy, and save money. Look at this website for the perfect solution - greenenergy-6p3qd...

We all have a role to play in making sure we save a safe environment for future generations.