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Why sex is for marriage ONLY & 8 benefits of waiting.

Why sex is for marriage ONLY & 8 benefits of waiting. Pinning this for my younger sister (and possible future daughters) to read hoping she will be enlightened and choose to do the right thing through Christ.

The 15-second kissing challenge... get the only engagement ring box that records the proposal. http://getringcam.com

The 15-Second Challenge: How One Little Kiss Can Make a Big Difference in Your Marriage

The 15 Second Kissing Challenge.definitely trying this, I do kiss my hubby everyday even if it's just a goodbye or he's home kiss, but not 15 seconds everyday, I accept the challenge, my hubby is gonna trip out when I tell him;

How do you keep the romance alive with your significant other? We interviewed 1,000 US renters, check out what they said!

Relationship Tips for Keeping the Romance Alive

Keep marriage sweet by applying these 9 concepts to each interaction you have with each other.

Nine Biblical ways to Keep your Marriage Sweet

Love e lust

Building healthy relationships is the key to bringing happiness in your life. However, what makes a healthy relationship work for you? This infographic explains it all :)

With the hustle and bustle of life, it can be difficult to feel connected to your partner. Show them love with small gestures. These little acts have big impact. Send simple and sweet text messages during the day, whether it’s completely unexpected and random, or when your partner is having a tough day and needs it most. Give small gifts that show you are thinking about them, even if it’s just a favorite snack or a photo of the two of you. Read on as eBay shares 7 small ways to show love.


When you move past the early stages of a relationship or even when youve been in a relationship for years, you will inevitably hit a stage where daily life becomes so full that you and your partner will.

***10 Prayers for a Marriage.  Amen.  <><

Take a look at the best christian wedding vows in the photos below and get ideas for your wedding! 10 prayers for a marriage. Image source Christian Wedding Vow Sample 1 Groom I, ________, take you, ________, to be… Continue Reading →

We’re here to challenge you and your partner to love boldly with our 30 day relationship calendar. Bring the fireworks back to your relationship!

The 30 Day Relationship Challenge

Gentleman Rules- Rules for dating that every parent should teach their sons AND daughters for a better world.  "The greatest and lasting love stories are the ones worth waiting for"  These are great!

Like Mom And Apple Pie: Dating Rules For Our Son And Daughters -I like quite a few of them, but one or two I don't completely agree with like the always paying -dating get's expensive & a girl allowing a guy to kiss her goodnight on the lips.