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beautiful OWL #by Richard Marlow on

Love birds, I am currently breeding both peach faced and black masked. (And even color mutations within those as well)

Kori Bustard - "male in love” - fluffing up feathers for the ladies, Photo by Paolo Maffioletti (Native to Africa and may be the heaviest bird capable of flight

They probably declawed this cat. Please don't ever do that to a cat. Most vets won't even do it anymore. It's cruel. They cut their paws down to the knuckles! Buy a good scratching post and problem solved! Read up on your cat before you get one.

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

Fabulous!! I would buy this in a minute (Oh! It seems to have dropped my purse somewhere! ) Hmmm.... Claude et François Lalanne chair

Beautiful Asian Black Bear..... have you ever seen before this i have 2 new bears I love! the Spectacled Bear and this beauty!