Summer Ice Cubes - place lime, mint, blueberries or anything else in for some wonderful summer drinks.

Kiwi Blueberry Mojito ~ this would be a nice refreshing summer drink!

Large Ice cubes for pitchers. Must remember this for summer.

Blueberry Lime Frozen Margaritas - #drinks, #summer #blueberries #Lime #vegan #glutenFree #kosher #margaritas

come'on summer :)

Summer ice cube ideas : mint, blueberry, and lemon

Vanilla Ice Cubes for Iced Coffee & Other Summer Drinks

Mint & Lime Juice Cubes. Ice tea will never be the same!

Cucumber, Lime & Mint Crush Cocktail

Fruit cubes. Love the idea of putting these is summer drinks. Gingerale + Mango Fruit Cube + Coconut Milk cube Lemonade + Raspberry & Strawberry cubes Soda Water + Watermelon cubes

Perfect for summer!

Strawberry-Mint infused water 10 large strawberries ½ cup of sliced watermelon ¼ cup of mint leaves 6 cups of water Ice Fill the bottom of a pitcher with the ice cubes and top it with strawberries, watermelon and mint leaves. Fill the rest of the way with filtered water and let it cool.

HERS - LIMONCELLO & PROSECCO COOLER WITH RASPBERRY ICE CUBES wedding cocktail, wedding feature drink, cocktail recipe

Vodka mint lemonade

Cute! Neat for a ladies tea party or bridal shower kind of thing... adorable!

gummy-bear-popsicles- because my husband eats like a 8 year old fart

Fruit Spritzers With Frozen Fruit Cubes

Super easy Citrus Spritzer- so refreshing and a perfect choice for brunch or summer afternoons.

Make these DIY Pitcher Ice Cubes for your summer bbq! Just add water, slices of lemon and limes, and herbs to a muffin tin and freeze! Pop them out and serve them in pitchers to keep your water ice cold and refreshing!

Lemonade ice cubes in iced tea for summer-- genius!!