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They’ll never find it… I'm not the only one that has to do this?!


is it terrible that I laughed at this?

awkward... but funny! gotta love auto correct

Funny Text Message Dog - I can hear you talking about me. Unlikely. I'm 25 miles away. my hearing is 400 billion times better than yours. I'll just Google that. 400 billion sounds way too low. I can smell McDonalds. Stop trying to freak me out. McNuggets. CAN YOU SEE ME? I'm BATDOG.

Laughed so hard I cried... Stunning pic, Mom. | 24 Texts You Don't Want To Get From Your Parents how embarrassing! We should all have this stamped on our foreheads! Don't settle girls!!! Every girl deserves a guy who will treat her like a princess 👑 !!! Don't settle for a guy who doesn't behave like a prince!

OMG these are all frkn hilarious I want to pin all of them!!! | 29 Parents Who Are Clearly Way Better At Texting Than Their Kids