"This is some work I had done on my arm by Emily Rose, she is amazing so if you’re into her style check her out! I’m so happy how it turned out and will be adding more with her to make a full sleeve in the near future.

The Munsters - Grandpa & Lily Munster leg portrait tattoos.

The Munsters - Grandpa & Lily Munster leg portrait tattoos. One day I will get them tattooed on my body 💀💕

How to Make your Own Temporary Tattoos 1. Sharpie thick lines of what you want 2. Rub baby powder on the area 3. Spray lots of hairspray on thee area 4. Run the area under cold water for 30 seconds once the hairspray has almost dried on your skin. And now you have a temporary tattoo lasting 1 month or so :) !!

How to temporary tattoo from one of your own drawings. it's like diy henna. good to try if you're unsure about a tattoo. it's like a test drive option for tattoos!

My friend John's tattoo

My friend John's tattoo

Buddhist tattoos are tattoo designs that explore various themes and ideas related to Gautama Buddha and the religion of Buddhism in general. Description from I searched for this on

Tattoo of buddha signifies to peace and purity of life. Here we present some of the most popular and newest little buddha tattoo designs with meanings for men and women.

Tweet Tweet - beautiful design and color

Great tattoo - Lars “Lu’s Lips” Uwe is based in Berlin and is a tattooist at Loxodrom

Star Wars "Final Battle of Endor" sleeve by Jim Warf at Rouge Elephant Tattoo

fuckyeahtattoos: “ The Final Battle of Endor. MY love for star wars shows no bounds. Done by a good friend of mine, and fellow star wars lover, Jim Warf at Rouge Elephant in Moreno Valley California.

Galaxy Cat Tattoo

small water color cat and butterfly wrist tattoo with splashes of pink purple and teal done by ben lucas at eye of jade tattoo in chico ca