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McDonalds cookies!

McDonalds Cookies


Old school McDonalds

these were some of the most awesome McDonald's toys

When McDonald's playground was awesome!

McDonald's food when it came in Styrofoam

70s 80s McDonalds Grimace Sponge

McDonald's Packaging 1995

1980s Jim Hensons The Muppet Babies McDonalds Happy Meal Toys.

Sunshine Biscuits Ad, 1952 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Pals & Monster Vitamins

McDonaldland Cookies.

Care Bears: Christmas Tenderheart Bear

Oh, oh, oh - Dick & Jane books had such extensive vocabularies :)

Dick and Jane

McDonalds--this was pre-kids meal toys-for those of you wondering..........

I so remember these, 80's McDonalds Transformers food toys

80's McDonalds toys - I have a LOT of these - still! Thanks Grandma!!

Give a Hoot

McDonalds Styrofoam Containers!