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    • Peterson Portrait Photography, Topeka, KS

      Tired of washing dishes all day, or getting blamed for tossing a drink that a family member was still drinking? Make a coaster tray and assign a coaster to each family member. When they are done with their drink they set in on the coaster until they need it again. We do a modified version of this for the kids. Buy each one a special glass of their choice at the beginning of the summer. They use that one glass all day long, and it is washed at the end of the day. Works Great!

    • Cynthia Burnett

      Each family member has a "coaster" to place their glass for the day. No more "grab a glass & put in the sink" 50 x's a day! Saw this done at a friend's house - very cool idea!

    • Michelle Porter-Barrios

      Each family member has a "coaster" to place their glass for the day. No more "grab a glass put in the sink" 50 x's a day! Great idea! I NEED this! My kids are notorious for using every cup in the house!

    • Brianna King

      Each family member has a "coaster" to place their glass of the day on. No more "grab a glass & put in the sink" 50 x's a day! We've always don't this at my house, minus the coasters. This would prevent arguments on who's glass is whose (: great idea!

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