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Did you know? If you shave a llama, it looks like a q-tip???

Reading comprehension: use post it notes so that it easily works for any story

Hug me!

Teaching government systems with gummy bears.


funny animal pictures

How funny!

People walking in the pool

Story Starter: Jenny bent down to look through the tiny door at the back of the room. She couldn't believe what she saw! What happens next?

Writing Prompt

Great site for social skills stories!

Brain breaks!

Reading story parts

Awesome anchor chart with great paragraph starters.

Story Bags - put a few random items in a paper bag, and kids can write creative stories about them!

English Idioms: Food

Reader's Response Sentence Starters & Tic Tac Toe Boards - 5 boards for fiction (no repeating questions) and 2 for nonfiction, along with 4 pages of skills and strategies sentence starters!! Every teacher needs this!

"I made a Poopy!" ~ Dog Shaming shame - Pit Bull - Funny Animal Pictures – 25 Pics

this site is proly the best friggin site ever! shout out to all the 90s kids!!!!! (it doesnt count if you were born in 98 or later tho!)