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Venetian opulence

This magnificent final doll in the Masquerade Gala Collection was inspired by the most famous, romantic and opulent masquerade balls the world has ever known — Venetian masked balls.

@дневники — {Fuck the System}

Renaissance wedding dress & wig for our customer. Model - Boheme - Soom Dia on Fairyland FeePlee 65 body Outfit, wig, face-up by Amadiz Studio

Шьем для Barbie Fashionistas и др кукол.

Шьем для Barbie Fashionistas и др кукол.

ASOleDolls Barbie Коллекционная Барби ЮМИНГBarbie® Doll Styled by Yuming

"Yuming Barbie" Yuming is a famous singer in Japan known for outrageous costumes. A very rare doll.

Ken and Barbie as Camelot's king and queen, Arthur and Guinevere

Tywin and Joanna suffragettebarbie: “ Ken® and Barbie®Doll as Camelot’s King & Queen, Arthur and Guinevere Inspired by the romance and passion of Camelot, Ken® and Barbie® dolls are featured as a.