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  • Tabitha Craft

    ballet slippers... Lots of love and hard work put into these

  • Emma Rose Art

    February 12, 1989 | ballet point shoes | Unknown Source | pink shoes | dirty | autographs | writing | ballerina graffiti | old and worn | these shoes have a story to tell | blood, sweat and tears | dancing in the 1980's | ribbon | tie | bow

  • Tyna Stoutimore

    just cause I live toes shoes Pointe shoes

  • Irisdoc

    ballet shoes pointe slippers

  • Charlie

    ballet slippers truly are a thing of beauty

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Vintage Ballet Pointe Shoes Two Boxed Pairs par Antiqueish sur Etsy

Dancers are athletes of God - Albert Einstein.

.so many years of sore toes, but this still looks beautiful to me

Oh, so many years wearing such pointe shoes. My feet are much happier now, but ah, the beauty of the dance... ~ETS

Only dancers would understand how cool this was the first time you could do it!

pointe shoes - ascendingstardance. might be time to toss those old shoes...

Dancing is very like poetry. It's like poetic lyricism, sometimes, it's like the rawness of dramatic poetry, it's like the terror — or it can be like a terrible revelation of meaning. Because when you light on a word it strikes you to your heart. MARTHA GRAHAM

Perfection, balance, beauty, achievement…all takes hard work..some pain and bruises and faith... but in the end everything pays off

Repin if you love the sound your pointe shoes make when you release into a second!!comment what kind you have!

Aw, pointe. Us dancers toes/feet get ruined, but when dancing I feel so much joy and graceful on pointe that I don't care about my feet.

Paris...............................Lovely !

I'm just gonna assume that these are being work for a technique class for the resistance...