Gorgeous child shot with dreamy light. Sandra Bianco Photography. http://sandrabiancophotography.com/

Cayden Lane Photography beautiful processing!

alice in the wonderland..

Time alone with the LORD is precious! people think children are to young to get it. A young mother was killed in a car wreck, her daughter kept slipping away from everyone. Worried what was going on the grandmother kept folloiwing her. Finaly the little girl looked and with tears in her eyes and said , Do you mind I'm trying to talk to God. we miss you Casey.

swing pose


What a photo!!!

ARE YOU SERIOUS??? And people wonder why their kids are pregnant at 16??!!!??

Love the colors and the sweet expression: One of my Favorite Photographers: Skye Hardwick

This gives me ideas.

i loooved blowing on these and watch them float in the air like little silk parachutes....they wer so pretty.

Lovely shot!

love the colors

Cute toddler photo idea

just beautiful ♥

I love pictures like this where the parent is in the picture, but it's not a picture of the parents and the child. The focus is on the little one, but the love is still there in the touch and embrace.


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