Horbert portable MP3 player for kids.

pretty prop for a coffee table that kids can play with

Lego Utensils £13.50

Sweet notes to make your kids' day.

landscape dinner set from DOIY for J.Crew Baby

Cute Naked Lunge Pillows. Black and white. Kids room. #kinderzimmer #kids #decoration http://nakedlunge.bigcartel.com/category/kids

LEGO zip line - a fun activity for kids to learn about angles, gravity, and tension to build STEM skills

toddler stilts

Butterfly Snacks-using clothespin and ziplock bag

Lego-Bricks made from Wood

mp3 player for kids

Wooden children's mp3 player.

LEGO MP3 Players

Portable Amp and Speaker for MP3 Player by ampoids

For nostalgia junkies out there- an MP3 player you can rewind with a pen

Bookshelf Ideas for Kids' Rooms // low-lying wooden shelves via jordan ferney

Wonderland overalls

kids fashion

Tiger Cape by lovelane on Etsy. #designer #kids #estella #fashion

Natural Linen Hoodie by adatine #Kids #Hoodie