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Weigh in by Craig Pelke: A newborn giraffe is weighed at the Virginia Zoo. At birth, a giraffe can be as much as 6' tall and weigh about 150lbs. #Giraffe #Virginia_Zoo #Craig_Pelke

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How a Chameleon Changes Color

Out of all the interesting creatures that share our planet, one of the most incredible is the chameleon...

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Keep Calm and Love Giraffes - Instant Download, Personalized Gift, Inspirational Quote, Keep Calm Poster, Animal Art Print, Kids Room Decor

Keep Calm and Love Giraffes

Dublin Zoo welcomed a newborn Giraffe in May 2011. The male calf stands tall at 1.8 metres (6 ft) and weighs approximately 40kgs (88 lbs). The giraffe calf made his first appearance in the African Savanna to celebrate Africa Day (21st May). The new arrival joins his mother Hailey, father Robin and sister Kuliko along with the other five Giraffes in the herd.

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What Is Your Life Motto?

Rainbow -female- mate none, crush none, kind, snapy, funny, wishes to be a leader or deputy, loves other friends, loyal, strong, Played by: Nightcore -battler-

Sumatran Tiger with Cub ~ Taronga Zoo, Sydney, Australia

It is the east, and Juliet is the moon!

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Snow Leopards, Snow Leopard Pictures, Snow Leopard Facts

Not a snow leopard. This is a yellow African leopard that has been photoshopped. They can be yellow or black, but not white. And adults don't have blue eyes. *this is now gaby speaking* yeah they can have blue eyes, it's just uncommon and yes they used photoshop to make the coat lighter*

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PHOTOS: ZooBorns' 25 Cutest Baby Animals

* * MOM PANTHER: " Zoo life iz no life fer us. I iz takin' yoo somewhere humans can'ts leer over ya."

I wish my parents loved me like that :( I should have been a giraffe.