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strangers friends best friends

from Etsy

A Friend Will Calm You Down . . . . PINBACK BUTTON or MAGNET - 1.25 inch round

friend vs. best friend

Yup.. Hurt my friends or family and see what happens


Laughter Always Welcome

I love laughing until I am in tears...they are definitely happy tears...the best kind if you ask me! Laughter... is always welcomed!

When you're in prison a good friend will be trying to get you out, a best friend will be in the next cell saying "dang wasn't that fun!"

Random Funny Picture Dump (75 Pics) #quotes I'm so weird. My friends (and not friends. and enemies. and strangers) can vouch for that.

"For those who desire to, but lack the occasion, create your own occasion, then; even if the occasion is simply you. Don't follow the pack; lead the pack. Now go, dress like a man!"- Dammy O'

Funny wooden sign God gave us friends to make up for our relatives. $7.25, via Etsy.