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Amanda Katherinefrom Amanda Katherine

DIY Rustic Wood Frame Mirror

I love full length mirrors because they help fill awkward corners and nooks, but they also make small spaces feel bigger. Buying a mirror at a store will set you back hundreds of dollars, but I made my own for just a fraction of the cost. Click now for the full tutorial!

Don't run from people just because they aren't like you. It is time to look in the mirror and change some things!

PlayBuzzfrom PlayBuzz

This Color Test Can Determine If You're An Idealist Or A Realist

Using other people's faces as a mirror for you - ugh!

Bloglovin’from Bloglovin’

Body Positive Wisdom (Already Pretty)

She is BEAUTIFUL. You are BEAUTIFUL. You bring a certain essence of beauty into the world that only you can bring. True story.

∮ Once upon a time fairy tales were told not just to children but were shared among people of all ages, because the wisdom in fairy tales is ageless and their age is timeless. That is why they so often begin with those words “Once upon a time” —which is to say in a time-out-of-time, or in timeless eternity, in illo tempore, in a time beyond history. “Once upon a time” heads us off to a realm of archetypal truth and mythic reality. -Gertrud Mueller Nelson, Here All Dwell Free ∮

Jezebelfrom Jezebel

Tragic Trend: Teens Ask YouTube Commenters If They’re Ugly

"If you don't understand this, go read Divergent!" <---- Well, I guess I need to read Divergent now. Yes I will read an entire series to get one reference on Pinterest - that's what keeps me learnin'!

FLOOR STANDING MIRROR // floor lamp, floor lantern, area rugs, white hardwood floors, old suitcase, painted hardwood floor, full length mirror

if you turn off all the lights, stand in front of a mirror, and say “Leonard McCoy” three times, he won’t appear because he’s a doctor, damnit, not an urban legend.

this is one of my favorite of all pins...just love the sweet mirror (maybe because of my valentine birthday) & the reflected flowers(also a gardener) it speaks to my heart

You make yourself beautiful by loving yourself, being kind hearted and caring. It's not that reflection on the mirror that tells you everything.

Typically, I dress very bohemian chic. It's just very me. Some flowers, and just all around artsy. I love dressing like this, because it mirrors who I am on the inside. I mean, sometimes I do some t-shirts and shirts with a cause, but this is all very me.

Just Look Like Itfrom Just Look Like It

'Just Because A Girl's Got A Big Caboose...'

build a trifold mirror

Dances With Fatfrom Dances With Fat

Yes We Do Need to Talk About This

It doesn't matter what people say, only to be obedient to Him..Eyes on Jesus like Peter.. ➕ #ifyouwanttowalkonwateryouvegottogetoutoftheboat #organdonation