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  • Bcn

    Elephant Chair by Maximo Riera - Spanish designer Maximo Riera has continued this 'animal chair collection' with 'the elephant chair' as an homage to the largest animal walking the earth, known for memory, intelligence and wisdom. the sculptural furniture object is a representation of the supreme deity ganesha through the head of the mammal, who is popularly worshipped in india as a remover of obstacles. | via | #Furniture #Chairs #MaximoRiera #AnimalDesigns #ElephantChair |

  • Kayros Dee

    Designer chairs from around the world | Дизайнерские стулья и кресла со всего света

  • Emily Miller

    The Elephant Chair will majestically invade your living room

  • Ariane Tilstra

    Elephant chair!! @Sarah Davis- The next house you get has to have a livingroom big enough for THIS! (Maybe you can carve a little owl to set on its head) :)

  • Tana Makmanee

    80 Darling Animal Decor Pieces #homedecor

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Vintage 1970's opticians' lightboxes from elemental uk.

Full-size, erector-set furniture by the French toy company Meccano. Chair, €191 / $215

Quilt by Libs Elliott. Pattern + colors randomly designed using HYPE framework + Processing code.

Ca. 1970 leather elephant footstool. By Omersa.

Bench from a single piece of extruded aluminum. By Heatherwick Studios. Very Terminator 2.

Bent wood lounge chair by now-AAPL designer Marc Newson.

Turn any flat surface into a table by clamping on these metal legs. Made in Detroit by The Floyd Leg. $189 for a set of 4.

Wood floor lamp with lead counterweights by UK design studio FreshWest for Moooi The Unexpected Welcome.

Armchair made from scrap wood beams. By Piet Hein Eek.

1m (3.2') wide and 4mm thick (!!) e-ink clock by Twelve24. Available for preorder with delivery in 09/14.

DIY Panton Chair by Peter Jakubik. Required materials: stump, saw + sandpaper.

Anish Kapoor (sculptor of the Chicago "Bean") takes on the espresso cup for Illy. One on auction at Paddle8.

"Semi-wrinkled" Japanese paper lamps that look like mountain peaks. By Taniguchi Aoya Washi (est. 1924). ¥21,600 / $200

"Cosmic" printed-ceramic dinner plates from Seletti North America. Eat on the Moon (sort of).

Diesel Living and MOROSO Official "My Moon" photographic print-on-mirror coffee table. The top can also be hung on a wall instead.

1960s steel card catalog on casters from a GM office in Indianapolis, IN. Perfect for a hipster living room. :)

The Formica Group North America Envisualizer online tool lets you create custom-pattern laminates. NikeID for countertops.

"Big Cities" plates edged with the skylines of London, New York, Copenhagen & Paris.

Wire-frame chair by OOOMS.

"Chemie No. 3" table lamp by Rolf Sachs. (h/t Bonnie Tsang)

Hand-painted IKEA USA Tarva chests of drawers by Romanian illustrator Ghica Popa.

Cody Hoyt's ceramic octahedron planter. $150.00

Bowl made from welded change. By Johnny Swing from a charity auction on Paddle8.

"Prism" nightlight by Nicolas Baker. Rock to turn on / off.

Edition Arredoluce Model 12795 table lamp by Angelo Lelli c. 1950.