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    The Farmer's Nest: How to Make Liquid Hand Soap from a bar of soap {DIY}

    liquid hand soap- coconut oil replaces glycerin

    Make your own "resort quality" liquid hand soap for pennies

    Mrs. Meyer’s On the Cheap | how to make liquid hand soap from a bar!

    OMG, this really works wonderfully. I will never again pass up a cast iron item at the second hand store, because now i can clean it like brand new...Ideas like this is why I love Pinterest!!!

    homemade foam soap recipe

    Making your own foam soap.. $4.00 for a year's supply! We go through this so fast that this might be worth a try.

    Make liquid hand soap in any scent you'd like. See the bottom of the article for instructions to turn the recipe into foaming hand soap too.

    Just made these and now my whole house smells amazing!

    ArtMinds™ Soap Making, Clear Glycerin SoapArtMinds Soap Making, Clear Glycerin Soap

    Make your own natural, effective laundry soap from Dr. Bronner's castille soap! I use fragrance-free Dr. Bronner's liquid soap, Arm & Hammer Washing Soda, Borax, and white vinegar as a fabric softener, all together with cold water on a short, light cycle; it makes a natural, eco- and cost-effective wash! Air dry if you can for more energy and cost savings.

    Money saver? Try this.

    Our MidWestern Life: Homemade Liquid Hand Soap With Coconut Oil

    Lotion bars!

    Microwave a bar of Ivory soap and see what happens. I couldn't believe my eyes. This is a most amazing activity to do with kids or even just yourself! It really works and is incredibly unbelievable. It's not even wasteful as you can remake bars of soap with the fluff. I can't wait to do it again...and again...

    Crockpot Coffee Kitchen Soap

    A gallon of homemade liquid handsoap from an 8oz bar of soap - add essential oil and you can have a different handsoap for every season - LOVE!

    Homemade shampoo 1/4 cup coconut milk (Like I said, you can either make your own, or use store-bought) 1/3 cup liquid castile soap (like Dr. Bronner's) 1 tsp vitamin E, olive or almond oil 10 to 20 drops your choice of essential oils (I used lavender. Next time I think I'll do something citrusy just for fun. :-)

    One cube is perfect for one load of laundry, one load of dishes, or one mop of the whole floor. I also fill my small plastic shampoo bottle (an old ketchup dispenser with a tiny nozzle that I got at Walmart for .98 cents works perfect!) and keep it in the shower. Fill the dishwasher soap dispenser with soap nuts liquid.

    DIY Gemstone Soap Kit

    Another easy laundry soap tutorial - dry soap.