So true.

Keep this in mind the next time you get push back for fighting the good fight.

This would be nice yes!

so true

A million men can tell a woman she is beautiful, but the only time she'll listen is when it's sad by the man she loves.

So True!

I don't want perfect, I want honest.

So true...

Just too true not to pin

You fall, love, learn, and then let go. Their part in your story is over, accept that and move on to the next chapter. You never know what will come next, that can be scary, yet, exciting at the same time. That's okay, though. Be brave and know in your heart, it'll be okay.

This is the truth.


say goodbye...

:) i <3 my husband!

This has some truth when you move all the time!

The truth. It's just sad when only one person feels that way, while the other just takes advantage of that fact.

my husband :) <3


:( :)