Baby Armadillo


Texas Jack Rabbit

happy sloth

Armadillo Lizard

so cute

cougar - check out the size of that paw!

Inari Foxes - oh my gosh

Armadillos are small placental mammals, known for having a leathery armor shell. The Dasypodidae are the only surviving family in the order Cingulata, part of the superorder Xenarthra along with the anteaters and sloths. The word armadillo is Spanish for "little armored one".


Sea turtle hatchlings


Ring tailed Lemurs

Adorable armadillo!

A baby Pudu, the world's smallest species of deer. Adorable animals and cuddly friends. Omg I think I died from cuteness overload

Golden faced Saki~ The white-faced saki (Pithecia pithecia), also known as the Guianan saki and the golden-faced saki, is a species of saki monkey, a type of New World monkey, found in Brazil, French Guiana, Guyana, Suriname and Venezuela. source wikipedia

This has got to at the very least make you smike. Baby otter!: Babies, Cuteness, Baby Otters, Otter Ball, So Cute, Pet, Baby Animals, Babyotters


White Tiger and her Cub

Armadillos are mammals with a leathery armor shell. The smallest species, the pink fairy armadillo, is roughly chipmunk-sized at 3.0 oz 4.3 in total length. The largest species, the giant armadillo, can be the size of a small pig, weigh up to 130 lb and are over 39 in long.They are prolific diggers. Many species use their sharp claws to dig for food, such as grubs, and to dig dens. baby