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I Must Go Down to the Seas Again Watch :- Here's a very moody shot of a boat on the beach in Hove (Sussex, England). It looked to me like it was looking out to sea and longing to be riding the waves rather than just sitting on the pebbles waiting for it's next adventure. #boat #row #sea #ocean #water #coast #beach #horizon #dreamy #hove #england #brighton #fineart

* England's Spaceship Observation Tower Named World's Thinnest Tower * The i360 tower, a new observation tower in Brighton that looks like an alien spaceship, now also has the distinction of being the Slenderest Tower in the World, as certified by Guinness. And, unlike with most Guinness World Records, its creators weren't even trying, according to the project's chief engineer and director John Roberts. Roberts also clarified,

Brighton, perfect place for a long weekend ... Fish and chips and the pier on a Friday night, shopping in the Lanes and the oyster bar on a Saturday, sitting on the beach watching the world go by on a Sunday.