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Misha: “When I was catching up on Supernatural to find out what happened before my character was introduced - because I hadn’t watched it previously - I would sit down in the evening and watch three or four episodes, and then have nightmares. And even now that I’m on it and have read the scripts, when I watch it, it still scares me.” Jensen: “That’s because he’s a wimp.”

Click through i-louvre-art: “ theyretakingthetardistolesamis: “ not-enough-fandom: “ themoonclockwork: “ overachievious: “ sherlokidinthetardis: “ liquid-thought: “ I sincerely hope no one ever tries to fuck with...

"just-call-me-mrs-captain: His arm. His mouth. I’m sorry, but this is straight up killing me. This is serious arm porn" Preach! #metalarmkink

Detective Comics #498 - January 1981 Issue - DC Comics - Grade G