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Illustration by Pete Sucheski Achieving a good score on the fast-paced Action Pistol stage is tough enough with a two-handed firing grip. Unfortunately, shooters don’t always have that option. The major Action Pistol groups—USPSA, ICORE, IDPA—often require shooters to fire with only one hand during matches. Sometimes it will be with the dominant (strong) hand and sometimes with the non-dominant (weak) hand. Those who fail to master these skills will see their scores suffer. But becoming…

Handgun shooting has never been easier. Now practice or train on multiple designs. These 12" x 18" formats work great at practical training ...

Kryptek Typhon on Smith and Wesson M/P. love the M and love the Kryptec camo pattern, that makes this handgun the best of two worlds.

Haley Strategic: Disruptive Environments Handgun / Darkness / Vehicle - YouTube Worth the 10 min if you are a serious shooter.

A half hour of basic instruction in the fundamentals of shooting a pistol can get you up and running with good technique. Just ask Corrina Peterson. - Corey

Insanely Practical Shooting Tips: Dry Firing - It's Not As Dirty As It Sounds