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The Celtic Goddess Brigid is beloved as the muse of poetic inspiration and the mistress of the healing arts. She is also associated with smithcraft, which held special import for the early Celts. The site of her well still exists in Ireland

Brigid: Irish & Celtic deity of all things perceived to be of relatively high dimensions & of higher knowledge (wisdom, crafts, excellence in warfare, etc.) Daughter of the Dagda. Consort of Bres. Has two sisters, also named Brigid, and is considered a triple goddess. Welsh equivalent is Fraid, Scottish is Brìghde/Brìde, Gaulish is Brigindū, & British is Brigantia.

Celtic Mother Goddess Brigid is beloved as the muse of poetic inspiration and the mistress of healing arts. Also associated with smithcraft, which was of special import for early Celts. The site of her well still exists in Ireland and It's eternal flame is attended by eighteen maidens.

TYCHE (meaning "luck"; Roman equivalent: Fortuna) was the presiding tutelary deity that governed the fortune and prosperity of a city, its destiny. She is the daughter of Aphrodite and Zeus or Hermes. She was sometimes represented as a handmaiden of the goddess Hera.

Danu is the Irish earth Goddess, mother of the Tuatha Dé Danann (people of the Goddess Danu). Danu is an ancient Goddess, and was worshipped extensively throughout Western Europe, ruling over rivers, magic, fertility, wells, and wisdom. She gives her name to many European places, including the Danube River and the country of Denmark. Danu, whose name means “wisdom”, was known as Don in Wales, and her name is also seen as Dana or Danann.

Boann Celtic River Mother Boann, whose name means ‘White Cow,’ was the goddess of the river Boyne in Ireland, which was named for her. Wife of the river god Nechtan, keeper of the sacred well of Connla, in which swam the salmon of wisdom, after her clandestine affair with the Irish father-god, The Dagda, Boann went to her husband’s well and circled it three times counter-clockwise, causing it to overflow and form the river Boyne, releasing the sacred salmon of wisdom into the world.

Danu -Correspondences: Blessings, creating, earth Goddess, foretelling, a great Goddess, great mother, health, luck, magic, Moon Goddess, Prosperity, Goddess of the Sorceress, success water of all bodies, wisdom. For Danu associations to... Colors ~ Elements ~ Seasons ~ Tarot ~ Divination ~ Essences ~ Tress ~ Stones ~ Symbols ~ Regions ~ Attributes ~ Aspects ~ Animals ~ Rituals ~ Prayer ~ Dance ...visit

Brigid.. She is a healer, a mother, a gardener (of apples and herbs), a poetess, a midwife, a protector of children and livestock and a very sympathetic deity to the plights of her followers. A fire goddess. A giver of light and warmth but like fire.... volatile. A goddess that carries a hammer and commands the power of the flame, is not one that you want to upset.

Greek Triple Goddess Hecate statues in Bronze or Bone Finishes

Eir is the goddess associated with healing. She is known to be one of the handmaidens of Frigg, who is wife of Odin, the king of the gods. She is considered a minor goddess and is not one of the Æsir often thought of when one thinks of the Norse pantheon

Babylonian Goddess Ashtarte Ishtar Statue 2000 BC (also known by other names in other cultures, such as Eastre, Astarte, Artemis, fertility goddesses. This is the goddess behind Easter celebrations.

Celtic SADV: Deer Goddess, associated with forests, the doe and fawn, she is one of the most ancient of the Celt Goddesses.

Arachne...The Greek Goddess Who Became The First Spider. Skilled in weaving beautiful fabrics that had complicated designs.Hurting Athena's feelings Arachne grew so depressed that she hanged herself. Athena took pity on Arachne. "I've let you live, but for being so vain", Athena said, "you will hang and spin forever".