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    The Celtic Goddess Brigid is beloved as the muse of poetic inspiration and the mistress of the healing arts. She is also associated with smithcraft, which held special import for the early Celts. The site of her well still exists in Ireland

    Rhiannon is a prominent figure in Welsh mythology, mother to the Demetian hero Pryderi and wife to Pwyll (and later Manawydan fab Llyr). She is probably a reflex of the Celtic Great Queen goddess Rigantona and may also be associated with the horse goddess Epona.[1] She appears in both the first and third branches of the Mabinogi and is further mentioned in the early Arthurian prose tale Culhwch and Olwen.

    ~* Celtic Mother Goddess Brigid * Statue *~

    Celtic Goddesses | Celtic Goddess Danu Statue - Flowing Mother of Abundance

    Celtic God Cernunnos Bust The Horned God - Cernunnos/Herne (stag-horned) in Celtic tradition and Faunus/Pan (goat-horned) in Graeco/Roman tradition. Interconnected observations of the Horned God in His multi-manifestations occur for many who claim Him as their Patron. The Horned One is known as the primeval God of Male Sexual Vitality.

    Danu -Correspondences: Blessings, creating, earth Goddess, foretelling, a great Goddess, great mother, health, luck, magic, Moon Goddess, Prosperity, Goddess of the Sorceress, success water of all bodies, wisdom. For Danu associations to... Colors ~ Elements ~ Seasons ~ Tarot ~ Divination ~ Essences ~ Tress ~ Stones ~ Symbols ~ Regions ~ Attributes ~ Aspects ~ Animals ~ Rituals ~ Prayer ~ Dance ...visit www.thegoddesstre...


    Trees in Celtic Mythology: Trees were hugely significant to the ancient Celts. They believed different kinds of trees served different mystical purposes that helped them through their lives.

    Celtic Goddess Morrigan Bust

    Also represented as an owl....Sophia. Goddess Isis 13"

    In Irish-Celtic myth, Ogma is the god of eloquence and learning. A member of the Tuatha Dé Danann, he may be related to the Gallic god Ogmios.

    The Morrighan statue..a Celtic Goddess.

    Brigid, whose name means "bright arrow," is the Celtic Goddess of poetry, healing and craft (especially metalcraft). She is the inspiration to all bards and artisans, scholars and any who work with words. Brigid, known also as Bride, Brigit, Brigantia, Brid, Brighid, and Briginda, is so greatly beloved in Ireland that when Christianity became the accepted faith throughout the land, the Goddess was transformed into saint, and St. Brigid's church in Kildare was built on a site sacred to Brigid.

    Brigid - Celtic goddess associated with the flame and new life

    Cerridwen is the shapeshifting Celtic goddess of knowledge, transformation and rebirth. The Awen, cauldron of poetic inspiration, is her main symbol. In part of Welsh legend, she brews a potion to give to her son Morfran. She puts Gwion in charge of guarding the cauldron. Three drops of the brew fall upon his finger, blessing him with the knowledge held within. Cerridwen pursues him until, as a hen, she swallows him. Nine months later, she gives birth to Taliesen, the greatest of Welsh poets.

    Goddess Sculptures 4000-3000 BCE

    Kwan Yin, the goddess my mother has watching over me….still!!!

    In Celtic folklore, the Irish Leannán Sí "Barrow-Lover" is a beautiful woman of the Aos Sí (fairy folk) who takes a human lover. Lovers of the Leannán Sídhe are said to live brief, though highly inspired, lives. She is generally depicted as a beautiful Muse, who offers inspiration to an artist in exchange for their love and devotion; however, this frequently results in madness for the artist, as well as premature death.

    CELTIC GODDESS BRIGHID In many traditions of Paganism, the Celtic goddess Brighid is celebrated at Imbolc. A protector of hearth and home, Brighid is a fire goddess who is typically associated with poetry, smithcraft, and inspiration. She was especially honored when it came to matters of prophecy and divination.

    TYCHE (meaning "luck"; Roman equivalent: Fortuna) was the presiding tutelary deity that governed the fortune and prosperity of a city, its destiny. She is the daughter of Aphrodite and Zeus or Hermes. She was sometimes represented as a handmaiden of the goddess Hera.

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