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No good pic to pin, but this is a good forum entry pertaining to diet and how important calcium intake is in it. @Frankie Coburn might wanna see this. :)

Waking up with Positive Intentions ~ Every day we can make a conscious choice to live better lives and be better people, both for ourselves and those around us. The natural expansion on this is to wake up and help to make life better for others, in whatever way we are able.

Big Attractions in Australia Infographic

Big Things of Australia Map - The infographic here intends to educate the tourists about some Australian travel attractions.

For everyone who sent me a request about age differences in relationships, here is my interpretation. : ) I know from personal experience that age is definitely just a number, it really is the person that you fall in love with.

After everything, I can't believe you did that to me. All I ever did was try to make you happy. I have never ever lied to you or hid things aside from that once when you asked if I read your Twitter but I know you know I lied. I have always been straightforward with you, perhaps late but always, I don't like to lie especially to you. I've only hurt you once and that was a over a year ago but I told you about it, did you not forgive me? Do you enjoy hurting me? You've already completely…