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A mixed media collage on an antique fire screen by D. Mattingly. Jenna is into sculpture, too. This Dali-type style caught Jenna's eye while visiting the artist's opening in Indianapolis in 2008!

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Antique French Fire Screen / Trapezoid, Triangle, Industrial Decor

Antique Trapezoidal French Fire Screen via Etsy.

Antique Wood Pine Fireplace Screen Painted Southern Belle Butterfly Garden Scene

A sculpture made of oak and poplar. This modern piece was found by Jenna in Indianapolis. She liked the sense of being a painting, it was 3-D. The shadows and depth give the piece an eerie quality. The subtle touches of paint play tricks on the eyes and mind. She appreciates its dynamic quality.

An original oil on board by D. Mattingly. Jenna had this piece specifically done for her by the artist of Indianapolis. The colorful geometric design has hints of Frank Lloyd Wright. Being a mathematician, the geometry caught Jenna's eye. This is her second Mattingly piece. He did a series of totems for an art opening. This one never appeared in his show because it was privately commissioned by Jenna.

An original acrylic on board by artist, Gregg Parrish. Jenna met the artist in Savannah, Georgia, while doing a geological survey of the salt marshes in the area. Jenna with so thrilled with the painting, she made a custom frame for it, oak surrounded by maple. She has it hanging in the living room of her home. Always appreciating art, especially early efforts, Jenna was glad to come across such a find in beautiful Savannah!

A photograph by Kerry J. Brown of Squirrelcorn-Dicentra Canadensis. Jenna was given this as a birthday present from her sister Hanna. Hanna hoped the gift would help their estranged relationship. For years, the sisters have struggled with their relationship. Make no mistake, Jenna loves her sister, but she can't understand Hanna's willingness to put up with her husband's abusive treatment. Jenna will give her life for her sister, but she can't spend more than a few minutes with her.

Untitled. Water color on paper by Huffman, 2006. This painting is of St. Elmo, a ghost town in Colorado. The paint was given to Jenna by her best friend Kylie Brandenburg to commemorate a trip they took together while undergrads at IU. Jenna was so taken by the painting, she made the frame herself. A mahogany and oak frame with copper, aluminum, and brass accents! Those early good days with Kylie have never been duplicated again. This painting reminds Jenna of the few good old days she's…

Blown glass Murano swans. Jenna found these pieces in Washington, D.C. She was giving testimony to the joint House-Senate subcommittee of National Parks and Recreation. The subject for Jenna was the state of the Carlsbad Caverns National Park in New Mexico. As the leading authority on Speleology, Jenna is sometimes called to congress to give expert testimony. Although she would rather chew nails than work with politicians, the subject of Carlsbad Caverns was too important to pass on.