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African Violet. My Granny grew these on her south window and inspired me to have one as well.

Jimmy Turner, Sr. Director of Gardens at the Dallas Arboretum & Botanical Society offers some tips for choosing garden plants and helping them thrive

A guide to hardy plants for multiple zones with tips and ideas for a successful perennial garden. by O N Sutton Place

Debbie Arruda Arruda Arruda Johnson. I love this idea... Think that recycled, cheap birdbaths made into gardens might be really fun in your yard... Plant a garden in a birdbath

You can help monarch butterfly populations thrive by planting milkweed, the only plant the caterpillars can eat // Great Gardens & Ideas //

How To Grow A Pineapple From A Top. I Have Grown Pine Apple Plants before but I always Put mine in a Small Pot with Just a Little Dirt just to cover what Little Bit of Top of the Actually Pine Apple. I will be trying this by Sitting the Pine Apple in a Glass.

$3 Bucks To Make Beautiful Glowing Outdoor Lamps?

Plant chives among roses to prevent black spot, drive away Japanese beetles, and provide aphids a more tempting source of food.Need to try...

By Heather Rhoades The common advice when it comes to root bound houseplants is that when a houseplant roots become root bound, you should be repotting the root bound plant. In most cases, this is good advice, but for some plants, being root bound is actually how they prefer to be. Some of these happier…

32 Plant Butterfly Garden - Butterflies find native plants irresistible, and this group of hardy perennials will bring in the butterflies with a succession of blooms that ensure a nectar source throughout the season.