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Bad Things About Being Shy Yo! Zach Sparks here, I'm making this post to describe a list of 30 bad things about being shy. Being an EX Shy Guy

probably one of the most annoying things ever.

Regina is reluctant to speak in general, and this is one very good reason. She chooses to speak when she feels the situation is important. For people to later act as if she hasn't spoken is very frustrating for her.

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I& shy at first and once I open up, you will have witnessed a gift :)

always dreaded this when riding the train.

I NEVER realized that I had all these thoughts. I never realized that I had such high anxiety from such a young age.


Quotes about Redheads

redhead quotes For my friends that are red heads! Does this include redheads from a bottle?

im not exactly shy...but im awkward...same thing i guess

A New Recipe for Cooking A Turkey

im not exactly shy.but im awkward.same thing i guess[ saaammmeee, I'm also awkward, lol, and really shy.

Shy People Problems

Shy People Problems: My ELA honors teacher is nice about it. I always go in my own direction. Usually my answers and poems are great, but I never talk.

I'm either really shy or too outgoing and then I regret it later

'I'm either really shy or too outgoing and then I regret it later' <-- UGH YES this is me.

I'm a shy introvert with intense social anxiety. I have panic attack-like symptoms when faced with social situations. I almost cried once out of fear because my dad made me go to a party full of people I'd never met.

Some Interesting Psych Facts You Want To Know

And some are shy introverts who have all of this going on at once! Keepin' Babel at Bay: Some Interesting Psych Facts You Want To Know

"I have social phobia. Excuse my lack of eye contact and my "awkward silence." I'm not choosing to be shy. This is hard for me."

More people need to understand true social anxiety, not just always say they have it and then go out and do stuff without battling with yourself to go first.