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I'm not only a crocheter but I'm also a yogi. I'm performing the Garuda mudra. Mudra meals "seal" in Sanskrit and they are hand gestures that are used in yoga and meditation. I thought my butterfly Maroozi would match well with this yoga pose and mudra.

Garuda The mythical bird called a Garuda is used in this seal design for a company called ‘Garuda Trading’.

Tiger, Lion, Garuda, Dragon: The seal of the Buddhist Warrior of Peace: "The Proclamation of Truth is Fearless."

Thailand: Seal of His Majesty King Rama II. (Hold the seal Garuda Naga), ornamental iron fence surrounding the pagoda Wat Arun.

Double-sided stamp seal: nude winged hero dominating snakes; winged dragon Period: Bronze Age Date: ca. late 3rd–early 2nd millennium B.C. Geography: Bactria-Margiana

photo from the final phase of the Garuda Shield 2013 field training exercise. TNI-AD (Indonesian Army) and U.S. Army paratroopers make a partnered tactical jump into Baggy Pants Drop Zone on West Java and clear several buildings of insurgents.