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50 spectacular designs that will make you want to own a she-shed

A couple with backgrounds in construction felt that their lifestyle revolved around their mortgage, and decided to build their own home to shift that focus. $22k for the skeleton, $11k for appliances, furnishings, and fixtures; it fits on a trailer bed and uses solar panels and a wood stove to reduce utility bills. I love the idea and some choices, but I see little place for guests, food prep, books, or movie-watching, and living on their own five acres implies distance from such…

The cabin is extremely compact, only 352 sq. ft., however inside there’s enough space for an open plan living room with a small kitchen, bathroom, and storage space. A ladder leads up to a sleeping loft above the open living space below.

i dont spend much time in the kitchen,build me a kitchen with lots of window,i'll make up reasons to go back there. loving this one in particular because the efficient use of space :)

How to Avoid Having a Ladder in Your Tiny House

Tiny house with built in stairs/storage underneath. I like this because it's a loft bedroom, but with more separation and proper stairs. AND the only space that is "wasted" is the frost 3 or maybe 4 steps. The remaining under stairs space makes really great storage, and with the bathroom on the other side some of that area could open into the bath and some into the kitchen.

Charming Cabin Built for $500 with Repurposed Windows