Words I love.

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Should you accept it......



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contribute something cool!


do hard things

Wise words from Audrey

Little Engine that Could (Jill McDonald)

Nikola Tesla

too true

I like this quote. The key word is TODAY. Make magic happen today. Do better at your job. Push yourself harder in your workout. Be a better parent. Be a better friend. Whatever it is, make it happen today!

I need to work on this one. I don't know why I allow some people to push my buttons. Maybe a need a little digital detox. Social media is a wonderful thing but when I see people - adults no less posting pictures to make fun of random strangers and then the next day posting anti bullying post or people taking assistance posting about how bad they need a vacation sometimes it is just so hard for me not to say "Hey F*** You." so ya I need to remember this one


We must be the change we wish to see in the world....