• Jennifer Faith

    Replica of Queen Mary Tudor's (Mary I) wedding dress.

  • Tiina Tolonen

    Replica of Mary Tudor's wedding gown. Consisting of a mantle of brocaded cloth of gold, bordered with pearls and diamonds of great size, and lined with ermine. The dress was also gold smothered with the same precious stones, and the underskirt of white satin embroidered of silver. The French hood in black velvet was surmounted by a double row of large diamonds. 1554 @tiinatolonen

  • Story Teller

    Eastern women's fashion

  • Rutheyi Thompson

    A replica of Mary Tudor’s wedding dress A beautiful replica of Mary Tudor’s wedding dress. Made by costume expert Tanya Elliott. Mary’s dress was recorded in one contemporary report to be in the French style and made of ‘rich tissue with a border and wide sleeves, embroidered upon purple satin, set with pearls of our store, lined with purple taffeta’. It had a partlet, the sleeveless jacket covering just the chest and a high collar. #sca #garb #renaissance

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Replica of Mary Tudor's wedding gown

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