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  • Jessica

    Red Shirts: The Walking Dead #StarTrek #TWD

  • Linda Jones

    Star Trek Red Shirts - The Original Walking Dead

  • Sierra Crane

    The Walking Dead, Star Trek style #red shirt #walking dead #star trek #funny

  • Sara Jean

    Star Trek / The Walking Dead Oh those poor redshirts...

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SO IT'S OFFICIAL. The things that happen on the set of Star Trek are as awesome as the things that happen on the set of Sherlock. I love Peggs name for him.

The Walking Dead Star Trek Red Shirts

Walking dead...hilarious. This chick is really annoying me in the last season....unsupervising her child in a world of zombies and takes off pregnant without telling anyone and crashes. Good grief where's a zombie when you need one?

I'd love to see this driving around!

When worlds collide... It's funny because he's the emergency medical hologram. (For my friends who don't know Star Trek ).

The Walking Dead who is dead and who is alive most updated.

My February vs. Your February ... The Walking Dead