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Texts From Dog bahahaha! Geoff is getting annoyed at how loudly I'm laughing at these!

Bahahahaa!!!! Master, I have a big head and little arms. I don't think this plan was thought out very well... :P

It's 6:15 AM thats enough sleep My every morning..

My dog, aka Isabel, would totally have this conversation with me via text...if she had thumbs with which she could type lol ;) She totally thinks she's Batdog!

Dog sends text to his owner....hilarious!

LOL thank god I dont give my pugs coffee.

What Would Receiving a Text Message from Your Dog Be Like? It Would Go Something Like This... 37 -

I am soo convinced Kaiser called 911 that day and I'm even more convinced that i can teach him to text me.

I had a cat once who used to take socks from my family's laundry and play with them when we were gone. We think it's because she missed us.

This describes my Duchess perfectly. She even did it at the vet, when it was silent in the room, then she twisted and looked at her rump. The vet tech laughed so hard she almost had to excuse herself. Duchess STILL does that sometimes.