Ill be glad I pinned this! Everything to change after you change your last name:)


Good tips!

the bride guide: how to change your last name. Good, because I have NO idea.

5 Things That Will Change As Soon As You Get Engaged! This is too true

Excellent list!

The top 10 guest complaints at a wedding. Good things to remember!

:) 101 things to do with your husband instead of watching tv. Pin now, read later....

I'll be glad I saved this

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This is a lifesaver. Seriously. The ultimate, easy guide to addressing wedding invitations.

Remember to say your thank you's.

who pays for what?

commit to serve.

Being married is incredibly difficult. Being married is amazing. Being married can seem impossibly hard. Being married can seem incredibly beautiful. Determine to pray more words over your marriage than you speak about your marriage. Here are 5 scriptures to be praying over your marriage.

top ten things that brides tend to forget, but need to remember.

Good for reading at a wedding

I ALWAYS SAY THIS! So many girls forget this important little detail! This goes for any dress!!

Name change package. Access to all forms for everything you need to change after you get married.

Kate Spade,"Mrs" necklace. Someone tell my future husband I want this for our wedding :)

Father/Daughter song list..