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"i have 14 tabs open in chrome that are all just this picture of leonardo dicaprio" I have important things to do i hate that little thing. Can NOT. Stop. Laughing! Take a look at this London Gray Mommy's Hug Weather Cover by Tivoli Couture on today!

<b>Friends are people who support you, laugh with you, teach you, learn from you, cry with you, spend time with you and love you.</b> It's been 10 years since <i>Friends</i> left our television screens and they're still our friends.

Balancing simplicity and complexity in doctoral writing

"Different ways of saying "I love you" : "Put your seat belt on." "Watch your step." "Did you eat?" "How was your day?" "Get some rest." You just have to listen."

Stunning Calico Kitten - 20th June 2016