wardrobe door to another room

Secret Chic

Secret tree house hiding place.

Detailed tutorial for making a hidden bookcase door. I solemnly swear to implement these instructions someday.

secret room 1

20 Modern and Cool Hidden Doors

Replace a closet door with a bookcase door. Awesome because then you have a secret room.


secret hide-away


16 awesome secret passageways... love the Narnia-type playroom, and the whimsical bookshelf that unfolds into another room!

Basement hidden room.

Houses with secret doors: I officially want a home theater room with a ticket booth door. Awesome!

Turn a closet into a bookcase and then make the door MORE bookcases? SOLD. Pretty sure my husband would love this!

I love secret doors and what kid wouldn't?? In our house there is a perfect spot for this...

Tree Book Shelf

Secret doors are the best!

secret passageway. I want to do this with the door from Paul's "Man Cave" to the closet. It looks awesome and adds lots of storage!

Secret room ... Bookshelves as french doors. AMAZING.

secret passage