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Bohemian Soul

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Madame Rosa

Nσɽʈɦҽɽɲ ᏝᎥɠɦʈs

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☮ American Hippie Bohéme Boho Style ☮

Free People

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Sexy Bohemian style crochet top, gypsy bracelets, modern hippie jacket. FOLLOW for the BEST jewelry & boho chic fashion trends.


Love the muted colors, cut-out back and gauzy fabric.

Awkward straddling between cowgirl and pirate - which come to think if it might be a way of describing the trendier side of modern bohemian fashion, or boho chic. But I'm still drawn to that washed out soft pink, especially in super comfy separates like the scarf, skirt and even the top, though, I'll take it without stripes.

too bad jumpers look horrid on me lol