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The Domesday Book, earliest surviving public record. William, Duke of Normandy, as King of England wanted to determine who owns what and how much was owed to him in the form of taxes, rents and military service.


The Story We Carry in Our Bones: Irish History for Americans (Hardcover)

More than forty million Americans claim Irish ancestry. This lively book explains how and why they got to the U.S. and shows how their history made them who they are. From prehistoric Ireland to Irish

Last will and testament of King Alfred the Great (digitised manuscripts of british library)

Berlin Potsdamer Strasse an der Potsdamer Brücke mit dem Baugrundstueck fuer die zukuenftige Staatsbibliothek,rechts davon die Alte Potsdamerstrasse 1967

The Forme of Cury, Middle English cookbook from the kitchens of Richard II, has been digitized at the University of Manchester website.