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Glass Toy Marbles - Vintage I still love marbles! Used to play them at recess in elementary school. The principal regarded it as gambling and put a stop to it.

Jumbo's, Cat's Eyes, Crystals, making a hole in the school playground and always playing for keepsies!

Chinese Checkers with a metal board and real marbles!

Waterfuls Ring-Toss - I can't believe I forgot this ever existed. It was a staple in the 70s/80s toy repertoire.

Clackers! Played with these and kerbangers for hours and hours and hours.... I didn't have much of a life back then... Come to think of it... I don't have much of one now :p

Another obsession. Scattered them all over the floor, much to the unlike of grandma.

love this! as a kid I had an old tin can full of my uncle's marbles from his childhood......

Marbles....Couldn't wait to get out on the playground and try to win more marlbles. We played for "keepsies".

Liddle Kiddles are little, tiny dolls that were sold in the late 1960s. They were manufactured from 1966-1971 by Mattel. The name is a play on words for the term 'little kid'. These dolls were all the rage in the late 60s and many other toy companies made copycats, to try to cash in on the new 'tiny doll phenomenon'.

Kaleidoscope. We just bought one like this at a thrift store. Brought back memories.

when he first saw this toy, my teenage son, who had never seen an old-school cash register before, said, "What is that, Baby's First Slots?"