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    The kitchen/living room of the Secret Annex, refurnished to reflect how it would have looked during the inhabitants’ time in hiding.  This room also served as Hermann and Auguste van Pels’ bedroom at night.

    Anne and Margot's room in the the house where Anne Frank lived with her family before they had to go into hiding. Merwedeplein in Amsterdam. The rooms have been restored and decorated in the style it had when the Franks lived there.

    Mouschi, the tabby cat who lived in the Secret Annexe of Anne Frank's family; it was actually Peter van Pels (aka Peter Van Daan)'s cat.

    Otto Frank admiring Miep and Jan Gies’s baby son Paul, 1951. Jan Gies had already become friends with the Frank family through his wife-to-be, Miep, before the war. While they are in hiding he often comes to the secret annexe, and he arranges ration coupons for the people in hiding.

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