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I don't ship Destiel, but I will not let this get away. I have seen edited gifs of Destiel kissing. So HA.

You were at a 5 Seconds of Summer concert. You were so happy and pumped. You couldn't believe they were right there. "Luke! I love you!" You yelled. He looked up at you and you took his breath away. He thought you were the most gorgeous girl he'd ever seen. He blew you a kiss and kept staring at you throughout the whole concert. He wanted to have your picture framed in the back of his mind forever.

18 Beautiful Images of Friendship and Love of Various Animals

thefingerfuckingfemalefury: nathanielemmett: sloshed-sandwich: sirlaggalot: Always reblog big kitties with their leetle kitties. OH MY GOD I am really happy the house cat was included at the bottom, haha “BED TIME IS NAOW KITTEN”