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Second Regiment NC Soldiers. How much were soldiers paid? A white Union private made thirteen dollars a month; his black counterpart made seven dollars until Congress rectified the discrepancy in 1864. A Confederate private ostensibly made eleven dollars a month, but often went long stretches with no pay at all.

Gettysburg and the Civil War (DVD)

Fifty-eight thousand American soldiers lost their lives during the 11-year…

This image is one of the most misidentified photographs published about the Civil War. Usually referred to as ‘young Confederates off to war’ it actually shows members of Company A, First Virginia Infantry, the “Richmond Grays,” at John Brown’s execution in 1859. The Valentine Museum

15-year-old John Cook was a bugler in the 4th US Artillery Regiment. Before the war, he was a newsboy from Cincinnati. At Antietam, he took control of a cannon by himself and fired upon Confederate troops just 15 feet away. In 1894, he was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for his actions at Antietam.

James E. Love, in an undated photo, and Eliza "Molly" Wilson, circa 1864, the principals involved in love letters written during the Civil War and published by the Missouri History Museum.

Jack Hinson was a plantation owner and father of 10 from Dover, Tennessee who initially opposed secession and even hosted Grant in his home. Then two of his civilian sons were accused of being guerrillas by Federal troops, were executed, and their decapitated heads were stuck on his front gate posts. Jack swore revenge and spent the rest of the war fighting as a lone sniper, killing over 100 Federal soldiers and guerrillas, making him possibly the most effective sniper of the 19th Century.

Civil War Brothers in Arms

Two unidentified soldiers in Union uniforms in front of painted backdrop showing military camp scene. Photographed between 1861 and 1865 as a hand colored quarter plate tintype. at x 10 cm. Photo

55th NC Soldiers

4th NC Soldiers