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God Save Queens A.K.A. The Kylie Bikini Set Runs small! This is a a size Small both top & bottom but an Extra Small could fit this as well! I tried it on weary of how small the bottoms seemed, I do have a butt hah but surprisingly looks really can be deceiving because not only did it fit, it complimented it! (Yes it still has the sticker inside the panties for hygiene) the top would fit a flat chest to a 34D the cups are very giving when need be! Adjustable straps and all, I think…

I have a friend that has always been kinda a ladies man. I didn't think he had much respect for women until we were looking through his photos one day in a class of ours and we found this picture! Haha now he is my best friend. :)

With her Angular face and Flat Chest, is she Beautiful or Just Plain Pretty? I cannot make up my mind. She can certainly look Pretty, but Beautiful is maybe past her talents. I think there are two ways to vote: 1. Whole Body 2. Face only Please Vote

Hypersonic vs Super Shadow | ... hacer a Gohan en 3D) primero ise a Super Shadow y luego a Super Silver

Blaze the Cat... her character's grown on me ever since I played Sonic '06 (which I liked, actually) <--- She has some cool clothes!

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