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Gobble Coaster

This is an adorable crochet project that anyone would love to own. With Thanksgiving right around the corner, why not create this gobble coaster and use it for home decor

This is like a hot pad but it goes into the microwave under the bowl to assist in getting the bowl out. Not sure why the fabric wouldn't be hot to the touch or maybe it is?????

Hot pads tutorial I know there are only a few days left before Christmas, but there's still a little time left to whip up a few quick gifties. So I figured why not go ahead and put up my very first tute? I love to bake, but I hate oven mitts and find most other potholders bulky to use. I've always wanted something that I could use to quickly grab a cookie sheet out of the oven or a hot plate out of the microwave. I remembered seeing this blog post a while back about…

Worried about your cold dog? Check out this easy DIY dog heating pad to keep your dog warm in the Winter.

Eye bags: 1. Add 1 teaspoon of backing soda in a glass of hot water or tea and mix it well. 2. Take a pair of cotton pads and soak them in the solution and place them under the eye. 3. Let it sit for 10-15 minutes, then rinse it off and apply a moisturizer Practicing this procedure daily will render amazing results in just a week.

1965 Chevy Impala Not sure how the hell the '64 gets so much attention when the very next year they dropped this beauty. -JL