Must learn to do this! Tutorial link... www.diyphotograph...

DIY Heart-Shaped Bokeh (Light Blur Photography) Tutorial

I wana try this!!

framed individually on the wall. Oh, Cool!

Ha! Photography hack?

Cool Camera trick for the holidays.

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Creative and Fun to do with your Kids! Perhaps use the superhero for a Father's Day Gift???

photo light box. isn't that clever?!

Summer project?

Here are five household items you can use as do-it-yourself lens filters to add a different look and feel to photos.

Create whatever shape you want!!

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photography idea, have to try this

7 DIY Photography Tricks That Only Use Household Objects - please don't try the aerosol and lighter though!!! Be safe kids! x

Photographer's Cheat Sheets Bundle includes: Sharper Photos in Camera, Camera Settings, Exposure Modes, Backlight and Sunlight, Side Light, Front Light, Cloudy and Shade, Bokeh, Photo Basics and 250+ Tutorials, Blog Posts and Freebies!

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