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Holmes Clear Lens cycling glasses For Night Riding.... .purchased at Home Depot.....under $10....make it safe is the code in my bicycle rid...

For the Cyclist Bibliophile: Bookbike Storage by Byografia

bike + bookcase = bikecase? OMG this is so beautiful I want to cry.... :) but it's also so expensive that I want to cry.... :(

Mark Diaz's Design Portfolio

don't know if I would do this exactly but re purposed bicycle gear as a light fixture sounds pretty neat

How to use bike gears - What the proper gear to be in is. How to shift bike gears, what to avoid while changing bike gears, using bike gears properly on a hill, flat or descent.

See I think a cross wind is worse then a head. A head wind you can duck, change gear, pick up a slip. A cross wind....You feel like your doing well, then a pissy little shrub comes along and you can't believe what a good wind breaker it is then the cross hits you again and shunts you toward traffic. Suddenly everyone thinks your riding drunk.

Who or what is Death Spray Custom? Death Spray Custom / DSC is an identity that is used to front my adventures in surface design. It is intended to be a playful riposte to an often serious world of art, design etc.