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    Portable 12V Air Conditioner --Cheap and easy!

    • Sherry Bradley

      Top Stories Build a DIY Portable Air Conditioner beat the heat By Rosa Golijan Jul 14, 2009 5:00 PM 140,073 62 Get our top stories follow lifehacker Build a DIY Portable Air Conditioner

    • Willow

      DIY Portable 12V Air Conditioner - Cheap and easy! This project includes materials list with the places and prices for inexpensive little items such as a bilge pump that make up this unit. It is designed to throw ice in from the freezer (not dry ice), plug into car 12V and cool the car while driving with a broken air conditioner. For longer drives, stop and buy more ice! Designed for a small car.

    • Julie Bunn

      Portable 12V Air Conditioner --Cheap and easy! This would be great for camping in your minivan without having to run the engine periodically to cool it off inside. (why sleep in a tent if you have a minivan?)

    • Cindy Chen

      Portable 12V Air Conditioner --Cheap and easy! Need to try this before the next power outage

    • Tamera Brose

      Portable 12V Air Conditioner --Cheap and easy! A true geek invention if ever there was one.

    • Ashley Kester

      DIY Portable 12V Air Conditioner --Cheap and easy via

    • Sarah Johnson

      "DIY Air Conditioner".. No. That, my friend, is called redneck riggin'.

    • Monica Holbrook

      Homemade Air Conditioner Builds – How to Make your Own Airconditioner

    • christina sargo

      Ingenious Homemade Air Conditioner Ideas -

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