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    • Sonya Reece

      LOL... My mother would call her sisters or mom when we were kids. We hated it cuz we'd have to sit on the stairs for the hr they were on the phone ... but we didn't realize this was the reason... she just needed adult conversation lol

    • Heather Davis

      Sounds like something I would do...try working at preschool then coming home to kids! I still have to tinkle!

    • Trisha Gusler

      hahaha too funny!!!! #mom # parent #teacher humor #baby shower - new mom humor #living with toddlers

    • Amy Lierle Smith

      Makes me laugh! I just heard a mom in the bathroom @ Teds tell her son not to lock the door if he was gonna "poo poo" because she needed to wipe his "bum bum"!

    • Sammie Klawon

      Being home with my kids all day doesn't affect me at all. Now let me go tinkle on the potty before we go bye-bye to din-din. I'm so hun-gee!...soo true

    • Charkbites

      just change "home with my kids" to "at daycare"

    • Katie Sachaschik

      I don't have kids but this made me giggle!

    • C Richardson

      hehe #ecards #laugh #sotrue

    • Shannon L Watts

      Omg..😂😂😂 #mylife

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    oh my god this is me


    Oh boy!

    So very true

    Effin' up my Stepford flow.

    Funny Baby Outfit... OMG! Who is having a baby next!!? Must get this for them!!


    so true. lol

    True story


    No bathroom breaks for mom. :)

    I took the housewife job

    So there!! hahaha funny.